Overall project outcomes

This project developped a relevant course curriculum in our school . It provided both financial support and a base of experience which greatly enriched the training for the pupils who have been involved.

The students benefited from a high-quality training environment . It enhanced their communication skills , their kwowledge and skills such as  for example :

  • using the different  support of communication
  • Collaboration skills
  •  Realization of  prototypes
  • Designing patterns with technical tools
  • Choice of textile materials according to the professional specifications.
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding the importance of a second language and communication
  • To take up the challenges


At the visit of Carmarthen factory , the french teachers discovered  different industrial  techniques . They were enabled to see what is happening on the professional reality elsewhere. They developped new methods of teaching transmission and  new techniques adding value to the training ,. . They learnt about Welsh culture and history. Besides, the bilingual teaching as it is currently used in Carmarthen School of Art convinced the French Language teacher – if needs be- of  the virtues and efficiency of second language teaching. Moving from language A to B is not only a great improvement in terms of learning skills, but having access to a second language also enhances the whole cultural background that lays behind.

Language teachers should endeavour to use the students native language as little as possible- or at least only as a methodological ressource to make sure they acknowledge the skill which is being taught. Indeed the teacher communicating almost exclusively with the students in their second language may initially provoke a reaction of stress or rejection in the first place, but the latter can be quickly replaced by alternative and methodology listening / speaking skills – for instance learning to identify quickly what is the basic message without panicking or interrupting the speaker ; similarly as far as speaking skills are concerned, the students should not feel too concerned about the perfection of their speech and they should rather focus on the type of message they want to convey. In other words mistakes are part of the learning process and students should ackowledge the fact that errors may occur without hindering the communication.

The pupils learnt how to make a presentation ( about denim history), how to introduce  themselves in English to an audience of unknown people and how to use communication software. The teachers team was motivated to work both in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary ways. The working environment between headmasters, teachers, administrative and finace departments was indeed effective and assessed throughout constructive dialogue.